Music is constantly evolving and we try our best to keep up with the songs people want to hear. We get new music each week as the billboard charts release it. With so many new songs, it is difficult to maintain an accurate song list outside of our primary music library, which is why we do not list our music online.

However, our music library is extensive! We have music from the 1930s through today. We will play music according to your taste and we play for the crowd. We like to play the music that guests want to hear to ensure everyone has a good time at your event. We are flexible to meet any specific music needs you may have. Our music is radio edited so you don’t have to worry about guests being offended by vulgar language. We also moderate our volume so when guests are arriving and eating you don’t have music blaring loudly.

Even after the dancing starts, we try to ensure a good time while also being considerate of our volume with your guests. For those special songs you have to hear, we offer an online music request form in the client portal where you can build a list of your favorite songs. Additionally, you can also create a do-not-play list of songs. We have had many special requests over the years and are happy to work with you for yours.